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Getting to Know the Sod & Seed Lawn Installation Process

sodandseedinstall-westfieldIt’s every property payday loans owner’s dream to have a beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, certain circumstances can affect the goal of getting the healthy yard you’ve always wanted. Seasoned technicians at Bennett Landscaping help homeowners and commercial building owners in Westfield, New Jersey who are in need of new lawn restoration services via sod and seed lawn installation. Discover how you can get a greener and fuller display of ballpark-like grass that’ll instant payday network turn heads rather than raise eye brows.


Why Sod?

In this age of instant gratification, sod is usually the ideal option for people. It’s truly the fastest way to having an actual lawn, as installers can lay down rolls of grass that are already entirely established. While it may not be the most cost effective choice, customers are generally satisfied because it’s less time-consuming, offering positive results on the spot.

Why Seed?

Seed installation, on the other hand, is way less expensive. It provides equally favorable results, but takes usually takes about two to four weeks for the seeds to properly germinate and develop into the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Us?

Simply put, you’ll never find a better source for your sod service solutions. Our reputable team has accumulated years of invaluable experience which is used to meet our customers’ individualized needs in the best way possible. This means we’re not all about getting to the installation procedure We take our time by guiding each client through the decision-making process and carefully assess their landscaping needs before even stepping foot onto their lawn. Afterward, we literally put our best foot forward and complete our services in a timely and efficient manner that you can be proud of.

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